Letter from the President

“Every Great Community deserves a great university.”

At the University of Southern Maine (USM), we believe that grit and greatness go hand in hand.

Our students come to us with talent and creativity. Many are balancing jobs and family while pursuing their degrees. Many are first-generation college students, as I am myself. What sets our students apart is grit: the passion and determination to realize their potential.

This is a time of momentous opportunity for USM. Our own grit and passion have helped the university grow and thrive over the past seven years. And now, guided by our strategic plan, we are moving into the final phase of the largest, most comprehensive fundraising campaign in USM history, building the great university our students, our community, and our state deserve.

Already, transformation can be felt and seen on our campuses. I encourage you to explore the different ways this campaign will invest in our students, our programs, and our facilities:

As we strive for the finish line of this historic fundraising effort, we invite your support. Success will take perseverance, creativity, collaboration, and more. It will take all of us. And it will take you. Thank you for bringing your grit and passion to USM’s Great University Campaign.

Dr. Jacqueline Edmondson,
University of Southern Maine